About Us

The Farm is on 100 wooded acres. A walk though the woods and a fully stocked, catch and release, pond in the front yard. There is also a large hot tub sitting in a stand of trees for star-gazing all year around. The Farmhouse is an owner-occupied replica of a turn-of-the-century dogtrot farmhouse, complete with the white picket fence in front and back with plenty of rocking chairs for the porches.

Puddin’ Ridge sits on Budd Creek Cove off Marker 5 on Greers Ferry Lake. It’s a beautiful, quiet cove and there is a great swim area just down the road where Brownsville Road dead ends at the lake. The Lizard Trail lakefront house is at the cove, but guests are welcome to visit the farm as well – it is about a quarter mile to the farm. Our Morning Sun Cottage and Moss Creek Cottage are located at the farm site. Our entrance is narrow and winding with a small wooden bridge – if pulling a large boat, please ask about our boat entrance.

Of Course, what’s a Farm without Animals?

Our miniature horses will beg for treats, our pig will squeal and run from you, and our chickens will lay eggs for you.

The horses are American Miniature, be sure to view the video called “all the little ponies” which one of our guests was kind enough to produce and share with us. The horses are very docile and will not bite or kick at our guests, but will sometimes at the other horses. They all love small carrots and cut up apples. Caution with small children as all the horses want to be fed at the same time and will crowd you trying to be first in line. Pedro the donkey, is a kind and gentle soul who also enjoys attention and treats. If you are awakened at night or wonder, “what is that racket?” it is just Pedro letting everyone know he is still here.

Important Farm Rule – Barn doors and gates are shut for a reason. If you go through one, be sure it is securely latched before leaving.

Our guests are welcome to wet a hook in our catch and release private pond in our front yard. There are mostly catfish (largest caught was about 19 pounds) with some small bass and perch thrown in. We are pet friendly, so your extended animal family is welcome to come with you and enjoy the freedom of our farm place.

Is Puddin’ Ridge for you?

Why do we ask? Because we want you to be happy you choose us. Puddin’ Ridge is more like one large petting zoo, and all animals and nature lovers will be in “hog” heaven. Seriously though, we are mainly for world-weary adults who want to kick back for a week or long weekend and enjoy doing next to nothing. No bright lights. No highway noise. Not even a lot of people. We are small to begin with, and most of our guests are like you. They just want to relax, soak in the hot tub, stroll through the woods, wet a line in the pond, charcoal a steak, sit on the front porch and listen to the crickets and the frogs. That is, when you are not boating, swimming or fishing on our beautiful deep water, clean, 40,000 acre lake.

Attention kids!!! We are off the beaten path. Granny says to let you know there’s nary a McDonald’s in sight! Yes, we really are in the country, which includes country critters, rougher terrain, water and animals that you will not find at a paved motel.

NOTE: Puddin’ Ridge is in the country and hard to find, especially at night. We will send a detailed map, if requested, when you make reservations. We are approximately eight miles outside the town of Greers Ferry where there are restaurants, marinas and a local grocery store. WiFi available at the main house only and cell phone service is generally good. We are in a “dry” county, so those who choose, need to bring their party favors with them. If pulling a boat, please ask about our boat entrance.